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Elettra Bargiacchi working on audio post production, Pro Tools session open
Elettra Bargiacchi has a wide experience working for podcasts. Voice editing, voice clean-up, sound design and mix

Looking for the perfect sound to set the mood?

From immersive soundscapes to dynamic sound effects, we can work together to create an audio experience that your audience won't forget.

Elettra Bargiacchi plays bass during a live with the German band Ethera
Surrey Sound Sphere
Elettra Bargiacchi works since years as musician and composer, using both analogic and digital instruments
Rebecca Gallon, Film Director
It was a true pleasure to work with Elettra on the short film I directed "I'm not finished". As sound designer Elettra is skilled, efficient, creative and extremely friendly.
She approached the film as an artist as well as a technician, helping the sound design to be the best it could be. She had a tight deadline but did all the work on time. I highly recommend working with her!
Jes Wolf, CEO Rebel Girls
I highly recommend Elettra! She has been a valuable member of the Rebel Girls team for 5 years, working as sound designer on our podcast "Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls" from the very beginning. Among other things, she created the podcast's recognizable sound signature. Elettra's sound design was immersive and on-point - she designed each episode as a new universe of engaging sound and music, to best supporting the storytelling. Her sound design greatly contributed to the success of the podcast!
Elettra demonstrates high technical skills in the audio field as well initiative, intelligence, and creativity. She is talented, dedicated to her work, thorough, organized, and reliable. She is a pleasure to work with.
Tina Zucco, Producer Blue Ink Entertainment
I have employed Miss Bargiacchi on three occasions over the last 5 months; for two short films and a commercial video, and she has always exceeded expectations and delivered work of a very high standard.

As a sound designer, Elettra is creative, punctual, precise and technically skilled. She has always been able to manage expectations in a polite and professional manner, ensuring that all set deadlines were met; from the first draft sound design to the delivery of the final mixed product.

As a person Elettra is warm, creative and highly communicative.
Myself, and the rest of the production team at Blue Ink Entertainment, have always been able to easily communicate with Elettra and all of our messages and emails have been met with really quick and comprehensive responses.

Elettra brings brilliant ideas to the table and her sound design has elevated the last two projects she’s worked on for us, and having started work on this our third collaboration with Elettra, I have no doubt that her passion and hard work will result in yet another wonderful sound design.

I will continue to employ Elettra as part of the productions I am in charge of, and I highly recommend anyone working in the film and entertainment industry to do the same.

Alexandra Eidens, Founder Big Life Journal and GrowthMinded
It was a great pleasure to work with Elettra for over 3 years. Elettra was very dedicated to our project and consistently wen above and beyond to generate the best possible outcome. Elettra was open to new ideas and also contributed her great talent, experience, and knowledge as a sound designer. She has made this project very successful and her talent brought a lot of wonderful 5-star reviews for our podcast. Highly recommend!
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