Bamberberg Kurzfilmtage, Germany 

The short movie Fünf Minuten Freundschaft by D.Schwarz, with the sound-design by Elettra Bargiacchi, has been presented at the Bamberger Kurzfilmtage, important film festival in Bayern (Germany). 

Recorded Audio Festival Helicotrema, Italy

The last Elettra Bargiacchi's composition BUG has been selected at the Recorded Audio Festival Helicotrema 2015. It will be shown on a special internet listening session on Helicotrema website starting from the 25th of September.


BUG represents a further step in the research on the potential of noise: it is realized only with noises and foley effects, a ''blind movie'' which is able to narrate a story despite the absence of any music or images support.

BUG - Elettra Bargiacchi
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KYMA official video released | Two in a suitcase

KYMA is a project selected at the Festival Pergine Spettacolo Aperto 2015 (Italy) and created by the duo Two in a suitcase, comprising Elettra Bargiacchi e Marta De Lluvia.


It aims to encourage a reflection on water as a resourse and as a source of life. 

A multiple channel sound installation working with water and cymatics phenomena, with original poetry, music and sounds.


Its creation has been supported by many physicists, engineers, professors and it has been produced by Pergine Spettacolo Aperto.


Music: Two in a suitcase

Installation concept and realization: Two in a suitcase

Video: Lora Had and Francesco Fontanive

UMFF - Ulju Mountain Film Festival, Korea

Art Coefficient is a video project whose soundtrack and music theme have been composed by Elettra Bargiacchi

After the partecipation at the UMFF in Korea, it will be presented at the Korea Film Archive.


Art Coefficient is an ongoing project by Mali Weil and supported by EU Culture Programme. The videos are located all around Europe and show the relationship between contemporary art and audience.


Check the trailer out:

Festival Pergine Spettacolo Aperto, Italy

The duo Two in a suitcase, comprisining Elettra Bargiacchi and Marta De Lluvia, is among the winners of Bando OPEN Creazione Contemporanea (OPEN - Contemporary Creation). Therefore they are going to present their sound installation KYMA at Festival Pergine Spettacolo Aperto 2015, a prestigious festival of contemporary arts in Italy.


KYMA main topic is the cyclic nature of life. It consists of an elaborate sound installation and a fine live music performance. 

Water and sound interact, poetry and science are bound together in a project which is both a research and a reflection about life origin and its mysterious processes.


Check the video out (Italian).