I am an Italian who lives in Germany and I must admit it, I really prove some stereotypes about Italians: I love cooking, eating and drinking good, I love the sun.

I love music and the arts, too. I am always excited by the potential of different artistic languages’ combination, by the challange of new projects and new experimentations. And I am also incredibly fashinated by technology. Softwares, instruments, cables, knobs, monitors, controllers…it’s a kind of magic, someone would say.

I love a lot of things indeed, and at times it happens that someone wants to convince me that they are too many. After all this very quirk of my character is exactly what made me curious and eclectic. It has driven me to keep on renewing myself and learning new things over and over.

And that’s what I still continue to do.



As a child I started studing classical guitar, and I had the opportunity to be educated by extraordinary teachers, till the Conservatory Graduation and the following masters. This chance has driven me to become a teacher in my turn: this experience has been going on for more than ten years, and has always given me great satisfactions.


In those studing days I also tasted other subjects: piano, harpsichord, composition. Composition above all has been for me a revelation. It has been the key to get closer to the world of theater, by creating my very first compositions for young emerging companies.


At that point the way for sonorization was paved. Thereafter followed compositions for performances, videos, iPad apps and games, branding and cartoons. Besides I developed my own knowledge in the field of softwares and electronic music, learning the art of sound-design. Every time a new and completely different project, new goals and different circumstances that require the ability to renew oneself and find the proper language, at every turn.

That’s something I really love.


From the classical instruments and traditional composition made up of scores and pencils, till software and computer, passing through synthesizers, microphones and controllers: it has become an out-and-out passion, which is coming along with me till the latest experiences of djing, live performing and sound installations.


The fascination for the played instrument, for the magical alchemy among fingers, strings and music, has not desappeared and got indeed enhanced by new contaminations. While I continue playing guitar, I’ve also started playing electric bass: earlier in a pop-electronic band in Italy than in a symphonic-metal band in Germany.


Now I go on with my own personal projects, with projects for commission, then I started a new collaboration with an Italian poet and singer, and I present a radio broadcast at Radio Blau Leipzig.


My love for music and the aim to find a more relaxed though stimulating environment where I could give more space to creativity, has determined my choice to move to Leipzig, the young and vibrating city of music, lately compared by the NY Times to a young Berlin.

The new technologies make possible to remove distances, and so I do not have any problem to go on working with Italy, as well as with other German cities or U.S.A.


I‘ve built up my home-studio few minutes far from a wonderful lake, where I often go to stroll looking for inspiration. And where I can enjoy the silences and the thin sounds of the most ancient instrument in the world, the nature.