Elettra Bargiacchi for Mali Weil


Laser embossed iron, acid, bones, fur, cards, magnets, vinyl cd.


A project by Mali Weil.

Produced by Pergine Spettacolo Aperto | Bando OPEN Creazione Contemporanea, 2015.

Presented at Festival Pergine Spettacolo Aperto 2015, Pergine Valsugana (TN), Italy.




This album is created for the ambient-sonorization of the Animal Spirit Concept Store.

Because of it is a background-music, the tracks have a long and slow development. Their aim is to explore the idea of hunting, and to let the listener experience it as much as possible, while he is visiting the Store.

The sound of each one of the four tracks tries to evoke the imaginary of every step of the hunt.


Explore describes the ambush of the predator, and the high-level attention of the prey, who has to be ready and fast to respond, to survive.


A night of Hunt tries to arouse the energy of the chase and of the escape. The quest for life.


The time is now focuses on the moment of the contact between the prey and the predator. It is the time of the fight.


Spirits are here represents the human superstructure of the hunt: the rite. Through a rational action, which is the repetition, so the ritualization, the rite tends to evoke the irrational, usually by something inspired by nature. Here the monody, influenced by archaic and holy music, is multiplied through a precise algorithm (influenced by the idea of mitosis), which lead to a caotic result: the irrational.